Operations with sensors

  • Mapping
  • Airborne integral monitoring systems ALSS, MMS and other sensors
  • Environment
  • Climate science
  • Agriculture and food
  • Sea and fisheries
  • Hydrography
  • Forestry
  • Geology
  • Security
  • Archaeology

Operations without sensors

  • Environmental monitoring, forest monitoring
  • Search and rescue and humanitarian aid
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Urban and industrial airborne control
  • Civil protection
  • UAVs air control


Aerial survey services management

  • We manage Aerial Survey permits in any European country, providing agile solutions
  • We manage your aircraft, crews and maintenance in any European country and for any type of mission
  • Video surveillance missions
  • Maritime surveillance missions
  • Pollution control missions
  • Mapping and geosurvey missions
  • Others


Wet lease aircraft rental

We run a customized wet lease service throughout Europe for aerial survey & aerial patrol.

Our aircrafts meet all European standards being able to operate either VFR or IFR.

Our technical team is qualified to handle problems for any type of sensor or very specific work.